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Retired from the rat race, and now a stay at home dad. Amateur photographer who attempts to write American Haiku in the style of Jack Kerouac to go with some of his photography, as he debates about becoming a professional photographer

Monday, April 23, 2012



The brother and sister team known as Merlin and Yue staged a dramatic escape today with the aid of Maggie the dog, and Luna the White Ghost. Maggie and Luna impeded the efforts of Andy Laighleis to stop the Ying/Yang twin siblings from running out the door. Yue was quickly captured, but Merlin the Masterful evaded capture for a few minutes. It took the effort of Tiger the outside cat to corral Merlin until Andy was able to grab the escapee.  All outside animals are on the outside and all the inside animals are inside. Andy went off to purchase kitty treats for all the felines in the caper.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Blessing

Easter Blessing
May God bless you at Easter,
and keep you all year through.
May God give you all the faith you need,
to make your dreams come true.
May His love and wisdom always help,
to guide you on your way.
May His light shine down upon you now,
to bless your Easter Day.
-Author Unknown

Beannachtaí Ná Cásca oraibh
May the blessings of Easter be on you