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Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'll be home for Christmas evermore

In the past, “I’ll be Home for Christmas” was one of the Christmas songs that would often sadden me, whenever I heard it, for I was one of those people who have always had an occupation that required me to be on duty when most others were able to take time off. During my 35 ½ years of working for the federal government, both in and out of uniform, the times that I was home for Christmas could be counted on one hand. Either I was out of the country, away from my home state or I was required to work Christmas Day.

The first time this season that I heard “I’ll be Home for Christmas”, I realize that I will really be home for Christmas from now on. I am retired from the job world and am enjoying being a full time husband to my wonderful wife Laura, and a full time dad to Katie, my step-daughter, who is such a joy and a challenge.
With Laura and Katie in my life, I actually now live in a home for the first time since leaving my parents home in 1970 to go into the Navy. There have been a few barracks, apartments and houses that I lived in between 1970 – 2009, but none of them would have been considered a home.

A home is more than the four walls and the stuff inside of it, a home is a place of love, friendship, joy, happiness, laughter that outshines the occasional growing pains that come with people sharing the same space.

Laura with Katie’s help, spent three to four hours of making Christmas pound cake for Laura’s family. It was great to listen and watch as they worked together. The made three cakes, then I cooked supper, after supper they baked the other three. 

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