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Retired from the rat race, and now a stay at home dad. Amateur photographer who attempts to write American Haiku in the style of Jack Kerouac to go with some of his photography, as he debates about becoming a professional photographer

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Andy Lawless Fine Art Photography

Andy Lawless Fine Art Photography

Fine art photography suitable for house, home, office, studio, restaurant, or health care center wall art decor. All images are available as single photo prints, acrylic prints, metal print

Many pieces are available as prints on demand which you can order with customized frames, mats, and other accessories!   All prints are shipped within three business days and come with a no questions asked 30 day return policy.

Impressionist Reflections

Reflections are everywhere, from mirrors, glass, car bodies, to water. Any smooth, shinny surface will cause reflections. Take your camera on an outing after a rainstorm and look at the puddles to see the many various reflections that are just waiting to be photographed. 

Photography a reflection can take an ordinary subject and turn it into a work of artistic expression or an abstract form. Reflections stimulate both the mind and the eye. They encourage one to observe the interaction between the subject being reflected and the object that is doing the reflections.
Reflections are often overlooked by many photographers, that I have talked to.

Below is a reflection of puddle of water being reflected by my car side view mirror. A reflection  of a reflection. The photo is an old film shot taken around 1985 and reworked in Photoshop Elements using the dry brush effect, to give the image more of an impressionistic look. The image was selected as a Finalist in a monthly international photo contest.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Tiger in meditation

Tiger, one of the feral cats that live in our backyard, is sitting on the back of my truck, perhaps in meditation. Tiger just love to lay or sit on my truck.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Tiger reclining

Tiger reclining on top of covered hay bale. Tiger appeared about three years ago in our yard. He would let us feed him, but not get close to him, until he injured his front paw. It took us four days to capture him, so he could be taken to the vet. After getting medical attention, all his shots and fixed, Tiger was returned to us. I had to keep him inside the house for several days until he healed. After his release he disappeared for a few days and then came back to the yard a change kitty. He now loves to be petted, and held for a short time, he follows me around in the yard and comes to greet  me when I come home.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Touch of noses

Maggie our yellow lab is rubbing noses with Tiger, one of the stray or feral cats that live in our yard. Maggie is very protective of the three feral cats, and will always check them out, whenever she goes out into the yard.