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Sunday, February 20, 2011

In the process of moving files from my old computer to the new one and came across the below pondering that my wife said I should post. It was written about nine years ago. It may have been posted to the old Yahoo 360 but I am not positive that it was.

Summer of 2001 or 2002

I haven’t gone away, just been working on uploading photos to flickr. Today I took some photos of the area around my apartment and from the town (?) that I grew up near. Glen Burnie is really a suburb of Baltimore, although when we moved out here in 1959 it was still consider country or Hicksville.

I realize today that the area that I grew up in no longer exists. The drive-in theater at the end of my street is now a shopping center that has a lot of useless stores. The field next to the drive-in where I played sand-lot foot ball is a tire center. The huge empty field across from the drive-in was developed for the following uses:  a mall, more shopping centers, a car wash, Department of Motor Vehicle, a hotel, another shopping center.

The field’s where I had salt rock or perhaps it was buckshot shot at me, as we borrowed some watermelons is now an apartment complex. The woods were I walked pretending to hunt, but really just getting out in the trees are also apartment complexes or condominiums.

The open burning garbage dump is now a landfill. One good thing I guess since the smell of burning material would often hang over the area. No wonder I have bronchitis

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