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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Color assignment

The Practice of Contemplative Photography – Seeing the World with Fresh Eyes by Andy Karr and Michael Wood

Chapters 1 through 3 explain what it means to truly see. The authors differentiate between conceptual and perceptual seeing, using the example of a traffic light.

Seeing a traffic light is conceptual – you are giving it a label. With perceptual seeing, you notice “brilliant, saturated color, the patterns formed by the facets of the lens, the red glow cast by the light on the orange housing, and the light blue sky that surrounds the whole thing.”

They say that to see clearly, one must be able to separate conceptual seeing from the perception.
So the first assignment was to go out and see color without conceptualization of beautiful, ugly, photogenic/non-photogenic, or identifying with the object of the color (i.e. cool car, which I had one).

Here are some of the photos from today's photo trip.

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