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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bali watches

Early morning
Crows caw
Bali watches

Bali who live to be 18 years old, love to sit by the window watching the birds, especially early in the morning when the crows were incline to debate the meaning of life. 

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  1. What I wrote upon Bali death in Feb 2010.

    One of my dearest animal companions walked on today and is now with Bast. Bali named for the pacific island and the volcano, as a kitten she could erupt from a sound sleep and go running around the apartment, thus living up to her name.
    Bali was fascinated by fire and flame. When working ritual or meditation Bali would often come near to share the energy and gaze into the flame of the candles. So I would always have a gallon of water nearby just in case she got to close to the flame. But she never did
    Bali was a world traveler having lived in Australia, Maryland and South Carolina.
    A great climber and she love to open cabinets and hide from my other cat Mickie. Then pounce on Mickie when she wasn’t looking.
    She was always at the door when I came home from work and comforted me, during some of my most trying times, my divorce, my mom’s death and then my dad’s death.

    Bali my friend walked on today
    Physically gone, but here in spirit
    Bali walked on today
    And I have nothing more to say
    A Celtic Warrior
    Ride On