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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Season of the Wizard or time to bring out the cloaks

Cloudy, chilly and a steady mist, a great time to bring out the cloak. Since coming to SC in 2009, I have not had the opportunity to wear any of my cloaks. The weather is usually too warm for them. While living in Maryland, the cloaks would come out the end of October and be worn until end of March.

I owned three single layer cloaks made by Half Moon A black one; a dark forest green and a heavy maroon with waist length yoke with white trim. The reaction of others when I wear the black or green cloak is funny. Strange looks from adults, some teen think it cool or whatever the new phrase is. Some teens also, will call out "Hey Wizard" or speak loud enough to hear, "Look at the Wizard".

Security folks will follow me around when I enter a store. When this happens I usually just wonder around occasionally staring back at them and upon leaving I make sure I tell them to have a nice day. As a former police officer, I find this funny. 

Back when Harry Potter was more in vogue, little ones would cry out Hagrid. Sometimes they little ones think I am Santa Claus.

Why all the looks? What is the difference between wearing a long cloak or a long wool trench coat or a Full-Length Hooded Wool Coat? 

Perhaps it is typically women who wear cloaks, so seeing a man wearing one is odd. More women than men have commented on my cloak, unless I am at a Renaissance, then either sex may ask where I purchase my cloak.

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