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Retired from the rat race, and now a stay at home dad. Amateur photographer who attempts to write American Haiku in the style of Jack Kerouac to go with some of his photography, as he debates about becoming a professional photographer

Thursday, December 26, 2013


Merlin a very lovable black and white cat, sitting and watching.


  1. Hi Andy. I found and liked your work on GoogleArt and was intrigued by your use of the Gaelic / Irish language version of your name. I am interested to know if you have any Irish connections? Oreena Lawless, Dundalk, Ireland

    1. Oreena,

      My mom's father (Crimmins or (Cremens on her birth certificate)) was born in Cork Co. Ireland. There may be a very distance relationship between my dad side of the family (Lawless) and Ireland, unfortunately I have not been able to trace his line past 1750 with any certainty.